Energy Audits

Lighting System Audits

Most energy auditors would agree that lighting is the low-hanging-fruit of ECMs; in short, it’s a no-brainer. A combination of re-lamping, occupancy and daylight sensors usually provides a simple payback of less than three years. Depending on the local utility’s consumption and demand rates, the payback can be less than two years for many applications.

The interiors of many buildings still use incandescent lamps and recessed 2' x 4' four bulb 12T 34W fluorescent fixtures, which are costly to operate. Recommendations typically include replacing the T12s and their magnetic ballasts with T8s and new electronic ballasts. Further cost saving improvements include the installation of daylight sensors for perimeter window lighted work areas and/or occupancy sensors. ERS’s Lighting System Audits catalog all fixtures and lamps throughout a facility and examine the most cost efficient method to provide the lumens required. All too often, we find areas that are unnecessarily over-lumed. We then provide costs for replacement lamps, ballasts, and fixtures, if required. The savings are usually significant, since lighting is almost always a major draw on electrical demand. Our lighting audits are complete with a payback analysis.