Energy Audits

Level I - Energy Audit

This is a “walk-through” audit to visually inspect each system and to identify low-cost easily achievable ECMs.  It is our least costly audit.  Our services commence with analyzing the building’s last three years of monthly energy usage by type (electric, oil, natural gas, etc.).  Once the types and amounts of energy inputted into the building are identified, we calculate the energy balance for the facility, which allocates the type and quantities for specific uses. A comparison is then made to the Energy Use Index for Commercial Buildings to determine how the facility rates as-is to other similar use facilities.  Not only does this serve as a baseline for comparison purposes once improvements have been implemented, but such a monthly/seasonal analysis will assist in the identification of ECMs.

These audits are complete with a cost-benefit analysis and often identify inexpensive improvements that can be implemented by building staff.  Our audit will describe each ECM and provide a payback analysis to determine its Cost Benefit Ratio.  Trade-offs, if any, for implementation are identified and explained.  ECMs are then prioritized so that easily implemented “low hanging fruit” measures are identified such as de-lamping, installing T8s and electronic ballasts, time clocks, etc.