Leed Consulting

GHG Emissions and Carbon Footprinting 

Many corporations have adopted the protocols established by the non-profits Greenhouse Gas Protocol and The Climate Registry, the General Reporting Protocol (GRP), whether to register their emissions on a formal basis or to establish a benchmark to comply with an internal corporate directive or for societal or marketing reasons.  Nonetheless, complying with Scopes 1 and 2 of the GRP provides a benchmark and serves to identify the source and magnitude of various Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and their CO2 equivalent.

ERS will establish the geographic and organizational boundaries, identify the emission sources, and measure, in accordance with the GRP, all six (6) internationally recognized GHGs.  Emissions are categorized as Scope 1 and 2, and presented in an Excel spreadsheet format that can be easily updated annually by either your staff or ERS’s.  Our GHG Emissions Report is submitted to the client as a draft and thoroughly discussed with managerial and facility management personnel to ascertain accuracy.  Should a client decide to actually submit the report to The Climate Registry, ERS can assist on procuring the required verification process.  Our reports are complete with recommendations to realize the established annual baseline by implementing alternate energy projects or through cap and trade techniques, if required.