Reduce Energy Consumption & Save Money

At Energy Reduction Solutions, Inc. we see the whole picture. We know that energy reduction is necessary, but we also recognize that it can be costly, not to mention daunting to implement. Whether you're concerned with a single building or dozens of facilities, our engineers and accredited AEE and LEED professionals are on hand to help you:

  • NYC Local Law 84 Energy Benchmarking

  • Implement energy conservation measures (ECMs) backed by real, quantifiable savings

  • Evaluate and implement alternative energy projects

  • LEED consulting

  • Guide you through the maze of available tax benefits.

    Contact us today to find out how you can reduce your energy consumption and reach your other sustainability goals.

Tax Credits & Deductions

Owners also want to avail themselves of tax credits and deductions, energy reduction/load shedding programs, and state programs, such as those promulgated through New York State’s NYSERDA program for qualifying improvements.